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"I kissed a girl with a broken smile. She tasted like vodka and smelled of blood. You would tell her you loved her and you could never tell if she felt the same or despised you for saying it. She smiled at you like she knew something you didn’t, like she was always one step ahead. And oh god, was she. Her replies were always quick and witty as if she already knew what you were going to say. Her nails were always painted black which matched the black eyeliner framing her eyes. Whenever you begged her to stop smoking, she’d look at you with those eyes, those god damn eyes, and kiss you. She never did quit, though. You tried kissing the poison out of her, and all you were left with was rotting lips. She left claw marks on everything she touched, including your heart."

- her laughter made the world around you dissolve and that’s how it felt when she left (via restrictedthoughts)

"Kada poželiš da me vidiš samo mi se javi.
Ljudi ne treba da se viđaju iz obaveze. Treba da se viđaju kada to požele."

- Haruki Murakami - Igraj, igraj, igraj (via brbljivica)

"They say time flies
But you keep breaking its wings."

- Tablo, 눈,코,입 (COVER)

(Source: harukari)